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Tara Guy's puurrfect CHB scripts.
In order. Labeled. Happy sigh.


Beneath you will find all my favorite Challenge B resources to prepare you for the year so you don't feel like you are drowning!

Please check out the LATIN GREEN GUIDE that Kristie Fox and the directors of CC of Bearden created. I was recruited to organize, edit and bedazzle, but they did all the heavy lifting.


All praise to Kristie Fox, CC of Bearden (TN), Amanda Craig, April LaCourse, Betty Ann DeVries, Tressa Strickland, Sara Clepper, LatinTutorial, & Magistra Jones for all their wonderful resources. See documents and links below!

Warm regards, Mrs. Salzman

P.S. Note: This site is overflowing with files and thus it is much easier to navigate on a computer than a phone!